Seeing what success looks like.

So you’ve started your engagement success journey with the roll-out of your freshly minted Engagement Success Platform. But how do you gauge progress? Review performance? Finesse your approach?

By exploiting our comprehensive suite of analytics and user data. These let you quickly visualise what’s working and where, and how the needle is shifting in relation to all the aims outlined in your business case - from communications output to mood ratings, process improvement to productivity, retention increases to targeted savings, engagement scores to enablement levels.

This high level view for the C suite is underpinned by solid management information fundamentals for the project owner. These are the data sets that are about driving adoption and sustained usage as well as guiding future activity: seeing what’s working, and when and how well; what’s hot and what’s not; and being able to drill down on key metrics by individual, group, location or company.

Together these are the essential reference points and signposts to help keep your journey on track - and to help you deliver on your Engagement Success Plan.

Performance dashboards
At a glance view of key performance metrics with the ability to drill down into the trends behind your data

Detailed view
Drill down into summaries to expose the underlying data and deepen understanding

Adoption pulse rate - A rolling measure of how core system tools impact the overall adoption of the platform

  • Rapidly identify how your content and push notification strategy is affecting usage rates
  • Immediately spot when lack of fresh content or overuse of communication tools start to negatively affect interaction
  • Plan your important updates for your highest usage days to achieve maximum return

Data trends - identify power users, profile behaviour, drive engagement, remediate disengagement

  • Which audiences are most engaged and with what content?
  • When is the content being consumed?
  • Who are the most or least engaged and why?

Content analysis

  • Review the performance of content types
  • Understand how your content is being consumed to better inform future content strategy
  • Get overviews and drill down on key Page stats including Visits/Time on Page/Likes/Comments

Push analysis - Review the performance of alerts and notifications

Gauge the effectiveness of your direct comms activity to inform future behaviour

Enhanced filter functionality - Slice and dice your metrics for greater insight

  • Rapidly identify and dive into problem areas of your business
  • Run reports against Locations, Groups and Users including Visits/Time on Page/Likes/ Comments