Employee Engagement – Challenge Accepted

Employee engagement – it’s worth having and, if something’s worth having, it never comes easily – but with the right attitude and help in the right places it’s not always so difficult to rise to the challenge of engaging your workforce!

Here’s our top tips to jumping the hurdles your employee engagement strategy may throw at you:

Hurdle 1 – Connecting your entire workforce

Reaching EVERYONE is one of the hardest obstacles you’ll encounter when executing your employee engagement strategy. From the marketing of your programme (letting your employees know it exists) to the crucial decision of how your employees will easily access everything you’re creating to help them engage. Choose a channel that everyone can access – online or mobile platforms are a great solution to making sure everyone has the opportunity to get involved.

Hurdle 2 – Choosing the right communication channel/engagement software

A lot of thought and care should go into what software you choose to launch your engagement programme to your workforce – an off the shelf product won’t work. Tailor your software to your individual company. Highlight your problem areas and seek a product that can resolve those problems.

For example:  if you employees express a want to be heard better, chose a platform that will reduce costs of employees surveys allowing your company to be able to send surveys more frequently. Look for platforms that encourage employees to communicate back to you company using suggestion boxes or live chat forums.

Hurdle 3 – Creating a trust and contribute culture

Inspire better leadership in your management. Creating respect and trust between leaders and teams mean employees are more likely to take lead from their managers. The Dale Carnegie Employee Engagement Study shows 80% of employees dissatisfied with their direct manager are actively disengaged in their roles. Engage your managers and they will engage their teams.

Hurdle 4 – Getting employee ‘buy-in’

Start from the bottom up – ask your employees what they feel they need in order to engage better with the company. Include gamification or fun features in your programme that will inspire your employees to get involved. Features like chat forums, access to benefit programmes, colleague nomination forms and employee awards are a great way to get employee buy-in.

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