Employee Engagement 2.0 – Employees First, Mobile First

Issues with Employee Engagement

Companies are more commonly experiencing issues engaging their employees. With more and more people working remotely, and roles becoming increasingly diverse, the hurdles companies face with employee engagement have become vast.

Whether your organisation is large or small it’s always difficult to make sure all your employees and departments are on the same page. This can lead to poor productivity, employee dissatisfaction and high employee turnover and so much more.

Mobile Devices in the Workplace

Employers have believed that, since their introduction, mobile phones were a source of distraction and for many years there has been a struggle to implement mobile phone policies in the workplace.

With two thirds of the UK’s adult population owning a smartphone, it’s time for employers to embrace the innovations in technology – and this is already happening. Employers are encouraging BYOD (bring your own device) programmes and even using mobile communication channels like Slack to connect with scattered or remote workers. But it’s time to up the game.

There are already so many aspects of business that struggle to deliver with existing systems; audit and compliance, learning and development, rewards and recognition, vacancies, surveys, benefits and even simply delivering the correct information to the correct individuals.

Digitalising these and tapping into the relationship your employees have with their smartphones will unlock the potential to really engage your employees on a personal level. Smart phone apps are rapidly becoming the quickest, most successful way of rewarding, motivating and engaging with employees.

With the right application, correct modules and platforms in place your employees will actively seek to engage with the business.

The Employee Engage App is the ultimate engagement and communication tool which is revolutionising the way companies motive, engage and reward their employees.


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