Employee Engagement – the too regularly misunderstood idea

This article by Beth King provides a lot of food for thought in the employee engagement debate.

Is it a “Great hoax” or is a “Great, misunderstood idea”?

As we posted last week, the engagement debate has to revolve around what an employee is – does – feels. Get those personal aspects right and you’re on the right track. Get them wrong, and you’re destined to keep coming up against hurdles.

The same sort of hurdles that are damaging to employee morale, to productivity, and, thus, to profits.

Beth makes a great point – and one we would recommend any CEO – Director – Manager  – takes note of.

Much of what is sold as engagement seems very traditional in approach – in being top-down and focused on the business benefit of high performance and “discretionary effort”. All of this ignores that this is as much about the individuals, and their day-to-day human needs, desires and experiences as it is about organisational initiatives and systems.

Find common ground. A middle point where human needs, desires and experiences can exist in harmony with organisational initiatives and systems.

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