How to Spot if Your Employees Are Disengaged

Employee turnover can have devastating effects on a company. A recent study showed that engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organisation than disengaged employee. Another showed 67.2% of workers are actively disengaged in work.

There are plenty of warning signs of a disengaged employee, here are our top three:

Poor punctuality
Are your employees missing deadlines and showing up late? A lack of commitment to their role is a big danger sign of a disengaged employee. These kind of employees often show low productivity levels and are unenthusiastic, which, if not nipped in the bud, can become contagious!

Bad Body Language
Is Brett from sales hunch over his desk again? When presented with a new task is he unexcited, slouched in his chair, checking the clock for lunch hour? Seems like Brett’s the epitome of a disengaged employee. Employees that lack energy and passion for their roles are toxic and are in serious need of employee engagement

Workers who prefer to be left alone are often the most disengaged of all employees. The ability to work independently is great, but do your employees actively avoid working or socialising as a team? Your employees should feel committed to building a productive environment, and this means they should be able to developed good interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Employees who are able to do this are found to be happier in their roles.

With studies showing positive effects on retention, productivity and even increases in revenue, engaging your employees has never been so important. So watch out for these signs and get engaging your employees.

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