Strengthen Your Internal Brand

Q: How do you market your company to your employees?

If your answer to this question is along the lines of ‘we don’t’ or ‘the same way we market to our customers’ then stop, pause for a moment and take a few minutes to read this:

Employee advocacy programmes have been proven to have a positive effect on four areas of business. This includes increased web traffic (by an average of 44.9%), better search engine rankings (increase of 32.4%) and decreased marketing costs (17.1%).

Employee advocacy is great – and with 38.9% of staff spending 1 to 5 hours a week on social media for business purposes, it’s vitally important to have strong, well communicated Employee Advocacy programme and internal brand.


Here are our tips to building the best internal brand for your company:

#1 Practise What You Preach

Your company values, mission, vision, objectives and history should all feed into the heart of your internal brand. Your employees should be exposed to all of these as much as possible and be able to articulate these to brand when discussing their company.

Educate and excite your employees about the company they work for – this will encourage them to educate others in turn.

#2 Be Consistent & Deliver Consistently

Your internal brand should be consistent through and through. This makes it easier for your employees to express your brand to others.

Any internal communication should be on brand and any brand changes should be communicated consistently to all staff. If you have an advocacy programme in place, then have a set of guidelines and policies in place too.

#3 Become Your Brand

Encourage Senior Managers to lead by example and discuss your company across all platforms. Ensure they are displaying the best possible brand behaviours and are encouraging their teams to do so too.

Effective internal communication means this can be done in such a way that your employees start to live, breath and love your brand.

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