Keep your employees engaged outside of work

Millennials are becoming more and more open to the digital world and its demands, yet employee engagement is still seen as a huge challenge.

It doesn’t have to be.

You could just give them what they want.

Technology is being used more and more in the workplace, and its use should be encouraged.

You should give your employees the freedom to bring their own device to work:

Let employees work effectively and securely on their own device (BYOD); they work more effectively using the technology they feel more comfortable with. (Gartner, 2013)

If they download company technology – apps – software – to their own devices, they’re also more likely to access them at home. How many people do you know that access work emails through their mobile handsets out-of-hours? We’re all guilty of it.

Organisations that have work-based apps are more likely to have engaged employees after work hours:

61% of employee application visits occur outside working hours, implying that workers are engaged even after work.

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