New Engagement Strategy – It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask

What is the best way to measure the effectiveness of your engagement strategy? How do you decide which areas need improvement? Who’s the most qualified person to make that decision?

Employee engagement is about your employees, and who best to tell you where to improve than the people experiencing the issues? Many companies believe Employee Engagement Surveys are a waste of resources but research proves an increase in engagement has a positive correlation with retention and profit. Here’s why we believe surveys should be a crucial addition to your 2016 engagement strategy!

 Surveys give your employees a voice

Employee engagement surveys don’t just allow your employees to express their concerns, improvements and progress, the simple act of encouraging your employees to complete an engagement survey is, in itself, engaging. Showing you are open to comments and discussion about your workforce’s experience is a major step toward better engagement with your staff.

They give you to opportunity to increase engagement

Employees know when they’re feeling actively disengaged and if you ask them, they will tell you why. Knowing what makes your employees tick, getting to the root of things, is the best place to start when drawing up your engagement strategy. How can you offer a solution if you don’t know the problem? Asking these simple questions allows you to target the real issues and improve your engagement levels by solving those major holdbacks your employees are experiencing. Regular pulse surveys also allow you to track your progress.

They prove you should invest in your people

Your employees are your greatest asset and deserve investment. Engagement surveys prove this. Research proves that employees who show up and go through the motions, but who lack that extra spark, generate 23% less revenue than those who are fully engaged. Engagement surveys can highlight problem areas meaning you can target employee groups to invest in and watch the engagement levels and revenue grow.

There’s evidence it works

Engagement surveys give an across-the-board view of your company from the inside. Studies by Engage for Success show higher engagement levels resulted in an 18% increase in productivity. They also proved employees who ‘show up and go through the motions, but who lack that extra spark’, generate 23 percent less revenue than those who are fully engaged.

To find out how our Employee Engage App can help you ask the right questions, at the right time get in contact now.

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