New Engagement Strategy – Recognition Matters

There are many different pieces of the employee engagement puzzle, and recognition is a vital piece, but getting recognition right isn’t always easy. This week we offer some helpful tips for rewarding and recognising you employees – the right way.

So, why should you recognise?
In a recent Gallup Q12 survey, it was revealed that employees who had received recognition in the past 7 days were 10-20% more productive than employees who had received no recognition that week, but that doesn’t mean that throwing recognition at every employee, every minute of every day is an effective method of engagement.

Recognition should be genuine and spontaneous, that’s where its value lies. Valuable recognition makes employee’s feel great, heightens their creativity, productivity and empowerment.

What should you recognise?

Recognition should never be used to be kind, when employees haven’t been recognised in a while. Acknowledge your employees when you feel inspired to. Have a clear reason to do so. Has one of your employees gone above and beyond call of duty? Maybe they’ve worked harder than they had to or worked overtime to complete a specific project. Maybe they’ve taken on extra responsibility or simply given consistent effort.

Only acknowledge what’s worthy of your thanks, otherwise you risk devaluing your appreciation. Recognise something you want to see more of, something you’d like other employees to do, actions that embody company values.  Are your employees achieving company missions or goals and connecting with day to day work?

Recognise effort rather than outcome. Praise how something was accomplished, not what was accomplished. This is the best way to reward your employees.
And how often should you offer recognition?

Our most important rule? Don’t wait for monthly, quarterly or annual reviews. Make recognition a frequent thing, provide consistent on going feedback, and show your employees you notice their hard work, this ongoing feedback will inspire their enthusiasm to work.

How should you deliver recognition?

Face to face acknowledgment is always a great way to deliver recognition, but is often not possible and it’s always nice to mix things up!

Public recognition via email or intranets celebrate exceptional efforts and show other employees what they can do to improve. Some people send thank you cards, or little rewards and new innovative technologies allow you to recognise on the go and never miss a chance to show your employees your appreciation.

There are so many different ways to show your employees you appreciate their efforts,  and so many benefits .

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