Respect and Engage

Back in 2009 when mobile devices and apps where starting to become part of every day life we carried out extensive market research across a wide range of UK businesses with a view to developing apps that could become a bridge across the choppy river that is communication and engagement.

The overwhelming outcome was a very simple message that people want to engage with you but in today’s society with our fast paced lives we are busier on a day to day basis than our predecessors ever were and this brings with it many demands on our time and challenges around time management.

This is one of the main reasons why apps have come into their own in this area as they allow the user to access relevant information to them at a time that suits them rather than a time when it suits the person who wants you to digest the information. It’s fair to say that even the busiest of people do have free pockets of time each day, maybe when waiting to go into a meeting, waiting for a train or having a quick coffee and the first thing they usually do is take their mobile device from their pocket and access the Apps they have installed at the touch of a button.

So if you need to improve communication with your workforce, provide relevant information and allow the recipient to acces it when it suits them, this will in turn dramatically increase engagement.

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