Taskers’ Employee Engage App in Your Move Magazine

Have you spotted the feature about the Taskers Home Store app we’re developing to engage their employees?

We began working with Taskers earlier this year to enable them to engage with their workforce a lot more effectively and to capitalise on the ever increasing use of mobile devices.

Taskers Employee Engage app aims to improve Employee EngagementThe app that we are developing will increase the organisations employee engagement efforts and enable them to bring all aspects of an employee’s working life together in one central and readily available place.

Alongside its ability to keep employees updated with what’s going on within the organisation and the sector, the app will enable staff to view policies and procedures as and when required, without having to await a response from the HR team.

In the feature, Financial Director, Paul Schwarz, talks about the vision Taskers have;

to improve communication to and between our staff and enable them to work in real time and not rely on unnecessary paperwork or second hand communication

Taskers are not alone in their challenges; in face, with only 13% of the worldwide workforce admitting that they are engaged at work, Taskers are 1 in 83%. But the important thing to recognise and appreciate is that they see an incredibly value in tackling these challenges head on.


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