The biggest workplace challenge? Employee Engagement.

A lot of firms will admit that their employee engagement could be better. Some put significant efforts in, and we should recognise those that see the value and invest. But others simply dismiss it as a thing.

But employee engagement simply isn’t an issue in my firm. We send weekly newsletters to all of our staff.

That same old tale.

How often do you speak to someone who thinks that sending a regular mailshot is enough to satisfy employee engagement? Just like its a box-ticking exercise. But it’s not – and it should never be treated like it is.

Lynda Shaw wrote a great article for Forbes about an encounter she had with a number of CEOs. She asked abot their biggest challenges. They were all in agreement that employee retention was a major challenge, and one that was costing them millions each year in lost productivity and the training and develop of new employees.

They also admitted that they had tried to find solutions but were unsuccessful in their attempts.

But why?

Too often people think you can make small reactionary changes – gestures – and things will change. They won’t. The picture is much less fluffy than that, and perhaps that’s why they shy away from it; the unknown; the time consuming activities.

What they fail to appreciate is that by investing time – effort – resources – that they can turn those million pound losses into productivity, improved services and, ultimately, sales.

CEOs need to realise that employee engagement needs to be taken seriously; that it’s simply not good enough to treat it as a box-ticking exercise and that there’s much, much, more that can be done than sending an email.

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