The Employee Engagement strands

We’ve talked a lot about employee engagement over the past couple of months, but what actually makes up employee engagement?

It’s important to note that;

1) it’s not just communication (and especially not just a weekly newsletter.)

2) it’s not just about the employee taking ownership of the experiences, and

3) it’s not just about those informal conversations.

Employee Engagement – as we’ve repeated time and time again – is about employees taking ownership of their experience, wanting to find out more about their organisation; taking an active interest in their role and the roles of those around them. It’s also about taking an active interest in how well the organisation is performing and how you fit into that schedule. Is there anything you can do – personally – to improve the next quarter’s results?

And it’s about being an ambassador for your organisation. It’s hard to deny that – if you are an ambassador – that’s you’re engaged in the workforce.

So, how do you know when your team is engaged?

It’s not always straight-forward, but the general rule is that engaged staff are:

1) Motivated

2) Happy

3) Productive


…if your staff are all of those three, then you’re well on your way. If your workforce do not all hold those three characteristics, then you need to act now.

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