Tried and Tested: How the Employee Engage App Improved Business at Taskers

The Employee Engage App has many beneficial features for every type of business, one in particular being Taskers home and DIY store in Merseyside. Having originally branched out into social networking by using Google Plus, Taskers felt it was time for a more streamlined approach to engaging their employees, subsequently introducing the Employee Engage App as their main source of communication for staff at all levels in the business.

Having such an expansive product range across multiple sites, the business was finding it challenging to communicate effectively with all of their staff from any given location, including those from head office right through to delivery drivers. Paul Schwartz, financial director at Taskers, says: “Our vision was to improve communication to and between our staff and enable them to work in real time and not rely on unnecessary paperwork or second hand communication.”

The App has enabled this vision to come to fruition, with bespoke features that can be used by staff on the job, whether in an office environment or customer facing on the shop floor. Below is a brief summary of what makes the App so beneficial for Taskers:

  • Staff can access Employee Handbooks and Policies and Procedures so that they are always completely aware of their role and responsibilities within the business.
  • Push Notifications allow managers to push important updates or reminders to designated staff members, meaning they no longer rely on employees reading their emails or missing important information.
  • The App includes multiple bespoke elements such as a Size Convertor, which can aid customers in real time when calculating different measurement formats, Department Manuals and Policies on Furniture and Refunds, both detailing information that can be given directly to the customer at the time of selling.
  • For the employees, there is access to a Stocktake Calendar to ensure all staff are up to date on when the next stocktake is due.

The staff at Taskers have adopted these features wholeheartedly; IT Manager Aled Morgan reports: “Since adopting the Employee Engage App we have seen vastly improved communication across the company.  This includes a greater efficiency in communication between sites due to contacts being readily available.  In addition, having key business knowledge at your fingertips has improved customer service further and will only continue to improve as the app is developed.  Feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive and the app is fast becoming a key business tool.”

As well as this, the company went above and beyond to make sure their app was as effective as possible by providing each staff member with their own Android phone on which they could use the app in work. With this kind of commitment to technological advances, it’s not hard to see why the business continues to grow both financially and in terms of both employee satisfaction and customer experience.

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