What can we learn from Mark Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg recently received a 93% approval rating from his employees.

These results from Glassdoor highlight the ‘highest rated CEO’s of 2014’ – Zuckerberg ranks 10th. Although he’s down 6% on last year, 93% still isn’t too bad.

But what makes Zuckerberg so good?

Well, his employees love him. One employee in particular, Amir Memon, an iOS software engineer, gave his reasons on Facebook.

He highlights Zuckerberg’s ‘heart’, ‘guts’, ‘wisdom’ and ‘trust’ as important factors.

When we hear him speak, he gives us brain wrinkles. He has this uncanny ability to make all the right strategic moves, and when he explains the reasons for making those moves, it simply makes sense. Sure, mistakes have been made, and hindsight is 20/20, but at decision time, it was for all the right reasons.

A glowing endorsement. Zuckerberg has the attention of his staff because he engages with them effectively; they’re his biggest ambassadors.

He wears T-Shirts and jeans, talks with humility, and he just seems generally very approachable. We like that.

…and he’s approachable. He’s “one of them”, and they like that.

Memon ends his thoughts with this powerful statement:

People don’t “approve” because they agree with everything, rather they know that they have a say, and that their opinion matters. It’s a good thing to like your boss.

We can all learn from Zuckerberg. Sometimes it’s the little things – like free food and drink; like the clothes you wear and how approachable you are; and so on, that make all of the difference.

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