Who is responsible for Employee Engagement?

Employee Engage AppArguably, it’s management. The leaders of the organisation and those directly above you.

But realistically, it’s everybody.

Every single employee has a duty to a) engage with their colleagues, and b) seek to be engaged; to find out about things that are going on, even if not directly linked to core aspects of their role.

Keep your team updated with as much as you can tell them. Let them know what this quarters sales are like. Let them know how they’re doing and encourage them to do more.

Too many organisations have an employee engagement crisis on their hands. But why?

It comes down to a number of reasons:

  • They don’t see engagement as crucial to their business.
  • They don’t appreciate that engaged employees perform better than those that are disengaged.

The worst thing we can do is make assumptions about those within our organisation. Don’t assume that they know everything; that they read staff newsletters and that they understand everything that’s going on in the organisation.

Unhelpful or unappreciative managers are by far the single biggest factor in de-motivating employees, according to the 2013 Forum Global Leadership Pulse Survey:

While recognizing and addressing employees’ engagement needs is extremely important, leaders also should be on the lookout for the types of issues that detract from engagement in the workplace. These tend to drag employees down and make them feel less motivated to perform well.

Unhelpful or unappreciative managers are by far the single biggest factor in demotivating employees … The second biggest detractor is a negative work climate—whether it’s too stressful, unsupportive, or oppressive in other ways.


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