Employee Wellbeing – Crucial to Employee Engagement

Employers worldwide know the two terms well enough: ‘Employee Engagement’ and ‘Employee Wellbeing’ – they’ve been on the radar for a many years now. Yet both engagement and wellbeing are globally stuck in a rut, with a whopping 76.6% of employees unengaged at work (Gallup) and 66% of employees experiencing stress in work receiving no help or advice from line managers (gov.uk).

But how do the two terms link together?

Your engagement and wellbeing programmes have a lot of synergy – and combining them and ensuring they’re working effectively together has many benefits. A recent study by CIPD showed the direct relationship between engagement, wellbeing and productivity. Having an understanding of this relationship will enhance both strategies, leading to better workplace productivity.

The below diagram perfectly demonstrates the importance of streamlining both programs and ensuring they work well together, showing that favouring one program over the other can have varying negative effects on employee productivity.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.01.24

In order to develop a sustainable employee engagement programme, wellbeing has to be a focal point of the strategy, otherwise companies are not allowing their employees to reach their full potential.

To find out more about the CIPD study read here.

To find out how the Employee Engage App can help to streamline your wellbeing and engagement programmes, get in touch.

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