Why it’s important to infuse enthusiasm!

Does your office feel like it’s under a cloud of gloom? Dreary offices and staff with low energy breed negativity. This can kill business and your engagement with your staff.

But it’s okay. We’ve got some good news for you:
Enthusiasm is contagious and once one of your employees has it, the rest will soon cotton on. Here are our top tips for injecting enthusiasm into you workforce!

#1 Create healthy competition.
Recognition is key here. You’re not playing your employees off against each other, you’re encouraging them to strive to meet targets. Offer rewards or awards for hard workers and great achievements. Remind your employees that you appreciate the work they do – but be savvy, don’t patronise them!

#2 Be passionate.
If your employees see how passionately you believe in your business, they will follow. Simple things like dressing your office with posters of successful products or projects reminds your employees of the end goals. Have regular meetings or group chats with them, express your excitement and visions for your company’s future. Aim high and discuss progress regularly. Encourage them that the company are always moving forward.

#3 Keep up with the times and competition.
What are other companies offering there staff? Keep an eye on the competition, if their staff are happy, what benefits do they offer? Steal ideas! Company benefits attract talented staff.
Is your company utilising available up to date technology? There’s nothing worse than slow internet connection or out of date software to stop an employee in their tracks – make sure you’re enabling your employees to be able reach their potential.

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