Engage is the home of engagement

It’s the one solution you can rely on to connect everyone to everyone else and to everything, regardless of where you’re sat in an organisation. All the tools at every touchpoint, from smartphone to desktop to terminal.

Our web front end allows you to embed Engage wherever you need it, typically on laptops and PCs but also on EPOS systems, production line touchscreens, even kiosks. Developed for native environments but maintaining the look, feel and functionality of the app, users are guaranteed an instantly familiar, consistently slick interface.

So lighten the email load, mobilise your Intranet, streamline systems, digitise your manuals, embrace elearning, get feedback now - so many opportunities to exploit now that everyone is on the same (digital) page.


Allowing organisations to connect in different ways but always easily and immediately: one-to-many, one-to-one, many-to-many, peer-to-peer, top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top

Engage Desktop Communication


Ensure easy access to the systems and resources you need whether you are desk-bound or deskless

Desktop - Accessibility


Giving colleagues more self service opportunities to ease the everyday, improve experience and boost empowerment

Desktop - Enablement


Ensuring not just that everyone has equal access to the incentives available but that achievement is properly socialised across an organisation

Desktop - Recognition


Putting in place all the tools needed to drive the ‘ask, listen, do, ask again’ cycle and keeping attuned to needs and sentiment

Desktop Feedback