Engage Hub

The Engage Hub is the powerhouse, aggregating tools, data and user profiles to give administrators a centralised ‘command and control’ management console.

To get engagement you first need to be engaging so that means delivering the right content and the right tools to the right people at the right time.

That’s why we’ve got intuitive content loading and editing, profile management and toolset curation so you can drive digital adoption fast, and not get bogged down in back-end complexities.

If you need a helping hand at any point, there’s a service desk that will connect you with our support team, and a rich knowledge base to draw on anytime. And to help you keep tabs on progress, there’s a full suite of usage metrics and analytics, highlighting what’s working and where, and what needs improvement.

Engage Hub Atom

Pillar-based functions

User-friendly content management system

Responsive service desk

Self-service knowledge base