Powering engagement in automotive

Automotive retailers are turning to customer and colleague engagement to enhance revenue growth and operational performance.

What engagement can do for you

This end-to-end take on engagement goes well beyond marketing and HR: it’s about focusing an entire organisation on its ability to deliver the right experience to those that matter.

And today it's our technology platform, content and consulting wrap that's driving that ability, making us the solution of choice for leading motor groups and car franchises.

John Porter 
Sector MD, Automotive
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What engagement can do for you

Powering customer engagement

On mobile and desktop

Attract new customers with innovative marketing – and keep them with engagement

On mobile and desktop

Own the whole customer lifecycle, not just the sales transaction

Drive upsell, cross-sell, resell through automation, innovation and communication

On mobile and desktop

Mobilise and reward satisfied customers with promotions, referral and loyalty schemes

Enable and empower customers through self-service and self-help

On mobile and desktop

Deliver a great customer experience always

On mobile and desktop

Powering colleague engagement

Re-engage with all colleagues to improve culture, performance and retention

Equip and support the workforce at every point of the colleague lifecycle

Automate tasks and augment content to encourage more efficient working, self-service and self-help

Automate tasks and augment content

Get continuous feedback and real-time insights to drive business improvement

On mobile and desktop

Invest in an empowered, energised workforce in a supportive, healthy workplace


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