The way to success

Every client success story is an amalgam of different HR, operational and business gains. But what every one has in common is a proven ROI: a five-fold return is the expected minimum but ratios of 10:1 and above are not uncommon. That is the top-line benefit of Engage – you invest, you win big.

Our confidence in securing an ROI for clients is based on a solution consulting approach, not a commodity download sell. It’s a robust, proven methodology built around our five pillars, comprising:

  • Discovery phase – Through an initial Engagement Success Kick-Off Session and subsequent stakeholder interviews, we help you audit your organisation to identify both priorities and future opportunities for change, building a business case based on real gains and the financial value accruing
  • Delivery phase – Success criteria agreed, we map the rollout of the platform to align with the HR and operational objectives, and the appetite of the user base, to ensure more positive adoption and project traction
  • Development phase – Working with you to review progress against the business case, to fine-tune elements and plan the next stages of your engagement journey.